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guess who has a new blog, guess who has a new blog?

guess who has a new blog, guess who has a new blog?

*a la¬†blue’s clues*


Day Nine (…Ten): I knew this day would come…

…I forgot to write a post in my blog yesterday ūüė¶

Not that I was very busy to begin with. But, I did have a rehearsal! That’s right! A rehearsal in the summer!

(Okay, even though I was at Domaine Forget only a month ago and had rehearsals and masterclasses and lessons pretty much every day…)

I’m playing with IC’s Summer Music Academy¬†Orchestra this weekend for their final high school concert. We’re playing the last movement of New World Symphony and it is so fun to be playing with an orchestra again. You can catch the concert Saturday at 2pm here.

In other news, I found out that someone besides my mom reads my blog.


In other other news, getting a new flute is coming sooner than I thought (sorry Mom. Mom, you’re supposed to click the link. Just listen to the part I started at. Otherwise, it becomes kind of weird)!


You know your parents have a musician as a child when they’re relieved about the fact that a new instrument is actually¬†half the cost they thought it would be (aka not $40,000 har har har).

So, that means I’ll also be able get a new laptop (And my current is not dead after all. It came back to life. Five years and still truckin’)!


I was also going to write that nothing else new is happening in the world of me applying to internships, but I just checked one of the ballet companies that I’m really interested in and they just posted a bunch.


Time to go send out more resumes!


Day Seven: Wow, I created this blog a week ago and I almost forgot to post!!!!!

Updating from my phone because I think my computer may be out of commission after five years, one month, and two days. Hopefully the lives of laptops are extended by the time I have a kid that wants a MacBook for their sweet sixteen.

Also, two years ago, Amy Winehouse passed. Sad day.

I’m going to return to watching Arrested Development now, since nothing worth reporting has happened to me in the past two days lalala


Day Five: First anniversary month of my 21st birthday…

…and I haven’t been sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning yet!

Clearly, I’m doing something¬†wrong right.

Although, on the day of my birthday at Le Domaine Forget (aka the time of my life), I spent 50% of my morning thinking if I was going to make it out alive after the night of partying with amazing fellow young musicians and amazing world-class faculty, and 50% of the morning with my head in the toilet.

I survived to tell the story.

Just havin’ some drinks with the Phillipe Bernold.

In the present tense, I’m currently trying to move out of the apartment I’ve been staying at for the past few weeks, and into a dormitory (LOL). I haven’t done much besides pick up my keys and go to Jimmy Johns.

Oh, but I AM listening to the National Youth Orchestra concert at the BBC Proms right now. Joshua Bell is SHREDDING on the Tchaik Violin Concerto. And the kids sound like professionals. Insane.

Time to go eat more food be productive.


Day Three: How do I fit my cover letters on one page how do I fit my résumé on one page how do I make an electronic signature howdoikeepmybrainfromturningtomush

Today I met with the coordinator of the ICNYC Music Immersion Program to bring her the work I’ve¬†tried to do done on my r√©sum√© and cover letters. I’m applying for five internships in Manhattan: two with an opera company, and three with a ballet company. Maybe more if I can get the hang of formatting things…

So now I am formatting said documents.

I’ve been here for, like, two hours.


I’m totally exaggerating. This is fun! And I’m almost finished and it’s almost time for lunch, so I am content.

Just need to figure out how to create an electronic signature in Word 2011, and I can send off the opera emails (omg). help meeeee~


Day One: Cover letters, thoughts of “What am I getting myself into?”, good thing I have air conditioning, bad thing I don’t have a place to live yet, should this title really be this long?

I’ve never blogged before.

(cue second “freeblogging” bit of run-on title info whatever – “What am I getting myself into?”)

Somewhere in the semi-dormant 3:00pm version of my mind, I thought it would be a fun idea to create a blog that I would have to update every other day while studying in New York City (I’ll get to that part, I promise). And, knowing me, I don’t like to live with the thoughts in my head that tell me to do stuff (“Just practice this run slowly for __ more minutes, and only then you can have a donut”), so here we are. I’m making a blog.


I don’t have to blog every day.

I don’t have to use even numbers (I prefer odd numbers. Because I’m…odd heh heh heh).

I can look back at this over time.

Maybe this can be a sort of “professional” social network where I can harness my “professionalism.”


I have to blog.

Anyway, beside my fear of blogging, I feel like I should blog about what I’m doing, besides why I’m doing this. I’m one of seven music students from Ithaca College who are piloting the ICNYC Music Immersion Program (there are also three Sound Recording Technology majors going who have their own seperate program). It sounds pretty cool, I take three liberal arts courses a week, the director’s name reminds me of Hershey Park and eggs (so that’s cool), and I’m still homeless as of currently. ALTHOUGH, I’ve figured out who I’ll be studying with (B√§rli Nugent – assistant dean, and director of chamber music and career development at The Juilliard School. I met her a few years back when she gave a masterclass to the flutists of my youth orchestra and we’ve kept in touch since. Another part of my course requirements is to shadow B√§rli around Juilliard to see what life is like in the world of arts administration.), so that is a great relief. Growing up 45 minutes away, I also know my way around Manhattan fairly well (yay for taking lessons and getting my flute repaired countless times in Columbus Circle!). The subways are kind of my friend (unless I don’t have my contacts in). I’ve only experienced nightlife as a 20 year old, so currently (and forever, right?) being 21 should prove interesting. I think I’m ready!!!!

Click to enlarge!
First page of our handbook! Yay for objectives! Yay for not having to do an internship for credit but still wanting to do one anyway!

Oh, and I need to find a place to live.

Okay, more about the program. Classes are held in Midtown at the Cornell Conference Center (two prestigious places of study in one semester: Cornell and Juilliard. I must be living the dream right now el oh el). I’m taking SOC 24002 Selected Topics: Urban Sociology in NYC, MUMC 21100 Music in NYC, and ART 28400 Art in NYC (this is the only course I really know anything about. We get to spend three hours every Saturday afternoon visiting museums. Sounds like my childhood. But for credit.). And on the 4th and 5th of October, I get to take MUMC 22100 NYC Special Topics Mini-Course where all seven of us get to go to concerts and other cool stuff.

Click to enlarge!
Circled are my schedulely obligations minus lessons, work, internship, shadowing, practicing, recording, pulling my hair out about grad auditions…

Some very blurry pictures that I took when I visited the Conference Center in May.

So in the meantime, I need to do my laundry, finish my cover letters for internships (I’m applying to seven within three different arts organizations), practice some flute, practice some ballet…at least for today. Then lather, rinse, repeat until late August.

Give me feedback on this, though. Seriously. If I’m writing in too casual a manner, let me know. If I misspelled something, let me know (although I checked, like, 30 times). If I’m using too many parentheses…let me know. OH, if you know of someone that has a spare room in Manhattan, LET ME KNOW!

I hope you enjoy!